The Business OppoRtunity You’ve Been Looking For

The Ideal Franchise Owner

Financial Requirements:

Net Worth of $100K+

Cash, investments and property minus debts.

Access to Liquid Capital

(Cash, 401K, home equity loan) in the amount of $40K to $120K

Full-Time Dedication for 1 Year

Your startup will require 40 hours per week of focus until your team can run your business for you

You Should Be:

Sales/Client Service Focused

Your primary effort is winning new clients

Natural Leader

Positive experience leading people


Ready to dive in and do what it takes

High Energy/Driven

Demonstrated relentlessness in the pursuit of your goals

The Process of Becoming An Owner

1. Express Interest

Submit the Interest Form below to connect with our team. We will review your information and a franchise representative will contact you for an initial 15-30 minute conversation.

2. Introductory Call

Speak with our franchise representative so that we can learn about you, your goals, and show you for the process of evaluating our franchise opportunity.

3. Apply & Interview

Submit your application and have a 1-1 conversation with our Founder & CEO, Matt Pencarinha. Because our business model is protected, only approved applicants will advance to Step 3.

4. Discovery Presentations

Now it’s time to dive deep and answer your questions! We will schedule multiple meetings that give you the opportunity to see all details of the franchise and business model.

5. Franchise Disclosure Document Review

Receive & sign your personal copy of the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). This document displays all of the remaining details of becoming a Franchise Owner.

6. Validation With Assett Franchise Owners

Talk with current Franchise Owners at varying points in their business journey. You can ask them any questions and hear what they have to say about their investment!

7. Attend Discovery Day

Visit the original location and meet our Founder & CEO, Matt Pencarinha, in Asheville, NC. See the business for yourself, ask questions, get to know us, and decide what you think!

8. Sign Franchise Agreement

Start building your business! Take this final step to becoming a Franchise Owner by filling out the Franchise Agreement and paying the Territory License Fee. Now you can begin!