The Commercial Cleaning Industry: 4 Key Questions

This country runs on the back of the business community. It’s a constant in the nation’s history, along with the services that have grown up to support it. This fact can make owning a franchise in the commercial cleaning industry a prudent move for people ready to find a business resilient enough for long-term growth.

It’s natural to want to learn as much as possible before moving ahead with ownership plans. Acquiring information about the commercial cleaning industry should be a priority for anyone considering joining a brand, and that’s what we’re here to help with.

We’ve got answers to four of the most essential questions a potential owner should ask.

1. What’s the Day Like as Part of the Commercial Cleaning Industry?

This is a common issue for future owners, and with good reason. A franchise owner works hard to help develop the brand and expand its reach, and it can be useful to know ahead of time what they can plan on encountering during their days.

Every industry is different, and the commercial cleaning industry can vary even within itself, but there are some standard experiences that most owners should know about and prepare for.

For many owners, the days involve managing and working with the team of professionals they’ve put together. For example, Assett Commercial Services franchise owners work to help current employees realize their full potential through regular training and mentorship.

Constant technological development is also part of the everyday — expect to spend time building and evolving the systems, processes, and tools that go into the modern commercial cleaning and janitorial services industry.

It’s a blend of old-fashioned work ethic and a forward-leaning belief in the power of the team, and it helps guide daily operations.

2. How’s the Cleaning Market?

Getting the lowdown on a daily business is important, but there are questions about growth potential that need to be answered as well. Many people looking into the commercial cleaning industry with ownership on their minds have financial concerns they want resolved before they go further.

That begins with the market. It needs to be large enough to provide brands with a ready client base for their services, and with a history of growth.

And for prospective owners interested in details on sales compensation for commercial-cleaning industry franchises? It’s a market on the rise.

The U.S. commercial cleaning services industry is tied to the business community at large. That connects it to a client base in need of care no matter the economic conditions, and a market of almost $100 billion.

That market’s been growing for years, and is expected to continue doing so in the coming ones. It’s a record of expansion that can give an owner confidence to work on building their own clientele.

3. How Does a Brand Grow Its Business in the Commercial Cleaning Market?

Speaking of building clientele — that’s another of the pressing questions for many future owners. Having a market for the services is a must, but so is the ability to stand out and deliver the kind of care clients want and expect, and which help develop loyalty.

Again, the answers might vary from brand to brand. But a dedication to professionalism can reliably be viewed as a key attribute.

The commercial cleaning industry is a business that operates on trust. Clients place their trust in the people who come into their private spaces and clean them regularly, and they expect the brand they work with to exercise the utmost professionalism at all times.

For Assett Commercial Services, a belief in ethical, honest service, coupled with a staff of experts and an embrace of industry advancements, is part of the usual order of the day.

It’s part of what clients appreciate about the way they and their business get treated, and it can be a great way to spread the word about the franchise and its high standards for quality.

4. Can Commercial Cleaning Industry Franchise Owners Expect Support?

This is another issue where the answer can depend on the franchise. For most brands, support is crucial, and is aimed at providing owners with a foundation they can build their growth upon.

Some brands center their approach on this belief. Assett Commercial Services makes robust owner support an essential aspect of the franchise, and works to deliver targeted support whenever it’s needed.

When does that support come into play? As soon as a future owner contacts the brand.

Potential owners get expert assistance every step of the way, from details of the franchise model, to territory and location selection, to buildout, equipment establishment, and Grand Opening.

Support can be the invisible hand guiding franchise growth, and an invaluable part of a brand’s business plan.

Own a Piece of the Commercial Cleaning Industry with Assett Commercial Services

At Assett Commercial Services, we approach every day with excitement for what’s to come. We’ve built a brand for modern business, and we’ve got a take on the cleaning franchise that keeps our owners centered in our thoughts, always.

It’s a flexible, development-forward way of working, and it’s helped make Assett Commercial Services a franchise on the move.

We’re proud of the way we’re transforming the industry, and we’re looking for future owners to come with us as we expand into new territories.

Interested in getting more details? Connect with Assett Commercial Services today, and start your own journey with us!

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