Janitorial Franchise Opportunities: How to Start

When you’ve spent your life building experience and skills, and want to move to the next level in your life and career, it makes sense to look at janitorial franchise opportunities. It’s a way to shift into new gear and pfcelut your strengths and drive to work for you.

And the more a prospective owner knows about the onboarding and startup experience before beginning the process, the better they can prepare for what’s to come.

That’s why we created this guide. Using Assett Commercial Services as a representative brand, we’ll walk future owners through the franchising experience, and show them what they can expect along the way.

Although there are many paths to take to franchising, they should all include some fundamentals — essential milestones that can take a person from considering janitorial service franchise opportunities to joining the team and opening their own location.

  • Learn about the janitorial services industry
  • Review the brands
  • Meet the leadership
  • Build out, and open for business!

Janitorial franchise opportunities can transform an owner’s life. With our help, they’ll have an idea of what’s to come along the way.

Learn About the Janitorial Services Industry

Whether it’s janitorial franchise opportunities or another field that interests a person, the journey toward franchise ownership should always start with a careful look at the business itself.

Understanding the larger industry can be the key to a future owner choosing the franchise that connects with their approach to business and is positioned for growth and possible expansion. And it starts with a few basic questions — How has the industry performed in the past? Is it expected to continue that growth in the coming years?

In the case of janitorial business opportunities with Assett Commercial Services, the industry in the spotlight is the janitorial services industry. It’s an industry that’s deeply connected to the businesses it serves, and is equally in demand in good times and bad.

Thanks to the industry’s crucial role in commerce and daily living, it’s seen steady growth for years. The market size of the Janitorial Services industry is set be $97.6 billion in 2022, and the next five years are expected to see continued development alongside the overall business environment.

That could make janitorial franchise opportunities with Assett Commercial Services the right option for motivated future owners ready to join an industry on the rise.

Review the Brands in the janitorial Services Industry

After looking at the industry and satisfying themselves that they’re joining a business with potential, prospective owners should next turn to the janitorial franchise opportunities themselves. This is the time to learn as much as possible about individual brands and how they operate.

Fortunately, franchising has been part of American business for generations, and over that time, a set of standards has evolved to help future owners get answers to the most important questions.

Every brand is different, with its own personality and way of doing things. That’s why the FDD, or Financial Disclosure Document is so essential to the process — they can clarify each franchise’s specifics in a clear, concrete way.

For potential Assett Commercial Services owners, this means digging into our Franchise Disclosure Document and getting the details on how we’ve structured our business around our owners and have refined our operations manuals and technology package to meet today’s needs.

We built our janitorial franchise opportunities on the people who power them and keep them running, and that’s reflected in our belief in our owners and the business model they work with.

H2: Meet the Leadership

A review of the industry and businesses can clarify things for a potential owner. It allows them to narrow their search and can let them focus on the brand with the janitorial franchise opportunities that best speak to them and their way of working.

Once the choice has been made, prospective owners can start digging down into the franchise they’ve selected and prepare to get to know the people behind the brand.

This can be a crucial moment in the process. It’s something of an audition for all parties, and can help determine whether everyone clicks and feels comfortable moving ahead with franchise plans.

Future owners of Assett Commercial Services franchises can expect to meet with key members of our brand leadership team, including our founder, Matt Pencarinha. Through a series of one-on-one meetings, Matt and other franchise leaders learn about the prospective owner firsthand, while answering any concerns that person might have.

Assett Commercial Services makes sure that every new owner understands and shares our business philosophy and dedication to the people we serve before signing with us and continuing to the buildout.

Build Out, and Open for Business!

The first steps when considering janitorial franchising opportunities are essential stops along the way, and they should take as long as is needed for both the franchisor and potential new owner to feel ready to proceed.

And once the owner has signed with the brand? It’s time for the fun to begin.

This is the part of the franchising experience that brand support can positively impact. That’s why Assett Commercial Services has made comprehensive and robust support for our owners one of the cornerstones of our business.

We help our owners select their territory and secure their ideal location, and our build team assists them with buildout and equipment concerns. We train owners and staff to operate according to our strict standards for excellence and ethics, and are behind them when they open their doors for the first time.

We’re there for our owners throughout the franchising process, and have their backs whenever they need it.

Find Janitorial Franchising Opportunities for You with Assett Commercial Services

At Assett Commercial Services, we’ve got a franchise model built with modern operations in mind.

We’re in an industry that’s been expanding for years and is projected to continue doing so. Our brand is designed to support our owners, and deliver superior results to a growing client base. And we’ve got plans for future franchise development in new territories.

Assett Commercial Services is preparing to grow, and we’re looking for potential owners to come with us.

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