How to Start a Cleaning Business with No Experience: A Step-by-Step Guide

Operating a custodial franchise can connect owners with a growing industry, but knowing how to start a cleaning business without experience is a multi-step process that requires understanding the ins and outs of franchising, and what to expect along the way. And we’re here to help provide guidance.

Interested in how to start a cleaning business with no experience? Here’s what to do first.

Find a Target Market

One of the keys to a smooth ride through the process of figuring out how to start a cleaning business with no experience is often the most basic of franchising concerns. How does the market look, and what does the future hold for it?

Paying attention to a brand’s potential market should be one of the first actions a prospective owner needs to think about. A janitorial franchise needs a customer base, after all, and that base has to be there in the future as well.

Those considerations can make deciding how to start a cleaning business with no experience a simple question of supply and demand — the commercial sector can be a good bet as to where custodial services are expected to be in demand, both today and tomorrow.

Keep Businesses Clean

Focus on delivering cleaning care to businesses. They’re in need of clean offices and storefronts, whatever the economic conditions, and that can make them a reliable market for a franchise.

Work with the Franchise

Another crucial aspect of determining how to start a cleaning business with no experience is the onboarding process. Finding the right brand, learning about them, and joining them as a new owner is serious work, and it takes focus and dedication to get moving.

Fortunately, the future owner doesn’t need to be alone. The franchise can be an invaluable assistance during this critical period.

Get to Know the Brand: Understand Costs and Obligations

Start by digging into the Franchise Disclosure Document. It’s a handy tool for potential owners who want to discover how to start a professional cleaning business with no experience and lays out the essentials, such as expected costs and brand obligations.

The franchise can assist with a lot more during this time as well. Territory, site selection, and build-out are all part of the onboarding experience, and the brand should have a team standing by to lend an experienced hand when needed.

Establish Yourself

Identifying the right market, learning about the franchises, and joining one puts a new owner on the road to becoming an expert on how to start a cleaning business with no experience. And once the business has been built, it’s time to get established and ready for work.

This should be a priority for a franchise owner. Building a brand means being ready to work, with inventory in place, and a push for visibility in the local market.

Building Your Cleaning Franchise: Inventory, Marketing, and Social Media Tips

For a custodial franchise, having a stocked inventory is foundational to the business. Work with the brand to make sure the equipment and supplies onsite are top-quality and in good repair — set high standards for inventory, and it can set the tone for the franchise’s customer care at large.

The brand can help out with marketing and social media, too. A well-placed campaign can do wonders for raising a business’s local profile and bringing in new clients.

Hire and Train

For a prospective owner considering how to start a cleaning business with no experience, the team they build around them can be vital to franchise growth.

A janitorial service is at its heart a people business. The staff members on any project are more than employees — they’re representatives of the franchise, and they need to have the know-how and professionalism expected from the brand.

Develop Your Cleaning Franchise Team

Keep that in mind when hiring new team members. Look for people who care about others, and who want to make sure every job gets done right, the first time and every time.

Make staff development a top concern, as well. Give the team the training and support they need to become more effective members of the franchise and help them work toward their own goals.

Open with Confidence

Discovering how to start a cleaning business with no experience can place new owners where they want to be, and position them in a growing industry. And finally, it leads to them opening their doors and serving the community.

Opening for business can be an exciting moment for a franchise owner. It’s also where the brand can step in to help make sure things go smoothly.

Franchise Support

Expect the franchise to be there as the location gets its feet under it and begins operations. Brand assistance helps give the owner the confidence they need as they get settled into their new role, and provides a crucial backstop when there’s an issue.

Franchise support shouldn’t stop when Grand Opening is over, either. They should be prepared to step in as needed, whenever the owner comes to them for the assist.

Discover How to Start a Cleaning Business with no Experience with an Assett Franchise

Becoming a new owner takes a team, and that’s what we work to deliver with the Assett Franchise every day.

We’re a cleaning brand with a franchise model centered around serving the business community. We believe in strong owner support, and providing the kind of experienced leadership and vision needed for modern brand development.

The Assett Franchise is getting ready to expand into new territories, and we’re looking for future owners to come with us.

Want to learn more? Contact us today!

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