Are Cleaning Companies Profitable?

When you’ve taken care throughout your career to look for the best option at every step, you naturally want to make sure you choose a franchise with potential for growth. A janitorial-services brand could be the right choice, but are cleaning companies profitable?

We’ve got the answer to that crucial question, and address other essential issues a prospective franchise owner wants to know before getting started. Getting information on whether cleaning companies are profitable can help them as they get started, and give them a solid foundation as they begin.

Can You Make Money with a Cleaning Franchise in Tough Times?

When they ask, “Are cleaning companies profitable?”, a potential owner likely has more than performance during ideal conditions in mind. Any business that has staying power needs to be prepared for all kinds of situations, and should be able to respond with confidence to adversity.

Growth during good times can often be a clear path — but what happens during other economic circumstances? Are cleaning companies profitable when the outlook is less cheerful?

Thanks to their position within other industries, an office cleaning franchise can see brand development in all kinds of economic conditions. It’s an evergreen business in many ways.

Many cleaning businesses are successful in large part because they can provide services that never go out of style. Every business needs upkeep and regular cleaning, and that need doesn’t change depending on the economic environment.

It’s a demand that’s always present, and that can make owning a janitorial-services brand a smart choice for people who want to know they’re part of an industry with growth potential.

How Does Quality Impact the Profitability of a Commercial Cleaning Business?

Custodial franchises can weather all kinds of economies and still maintain their direction. That can inform the big question — are cleaning companies profitable?

We need to answer that question with another one: what part does a focus on quality play in brand profitability?

Every business, not just the cleaning industry, wants to be associated with quality at every step of the process. For janitorial-services brands, it’s often a driving force for client retention and franchise development.

It makes sense that businesses want their cleaning care to always be top-of-the-line, of course. Reliability, attentiveness to detail, and a big-picture approach to the work are all hallmarks of quality custodial services, and can help a brand grow its client base.

So, are cleaning companies profitable? It helps when their services are coupled with an insistence on quality in all areas, and the expertise to back up that policy with solid action.

Are Cleaning Companies Profitable?

This is the main concern many future owners have, and for good reason.

To get a good idea of the potential of the cleaning industry, we should look at the overall market, its history, and expectations for what’s to come. It’s a way of stepping back and getting a larger view of the business, and providing crucial details a potential owner can use to make more-informed decisions.

For people wanting to know, “Are cleaning franchises profitable?,” an industry review is practically a must. And the results can point to additional growth in the coming years.

Why are cleaning businesses so successful? Much of it is down to a market that’s still expanding.

Janitorial services in the U.S. are an industry with a market size of almost $98 billion. It’s a business that’s seen an annualized market growth rate of 6.7% over the past five years, and is projected to continue that development in the future.

That kind of record, and expectations for more growth, can help an owner feel comfortable moving forward and joining a brand.

What Can I Expect When I Become a Cleaning Business Owner?

After asking and getting an answer to the main question on many prospective owner’s minds — “Are cleaning companies profitable?” — joining the industry is often a natural next step.

So, how does that happen? What should new owners expect as they move from inquirer to part of the brand?

They won’t be alone in the process. For example, future owners of Assett Commercial Services franchises can expect to get support throughout their onboarding experience, and to work with a team of dedicated professionals with the expertise and understanding to assist them in their transition to owner.

Owners get one-on-one time with founder CEO Matt Pencarinha, along with assistance from a seasoned build team to help them select their territory, identify their location, and build out and supply them for business. They also get training for themselves and their staff, access to ongoing marketing and social-media campaigns, and much more.

It’s all part of the Assett Commercial Services approach, and it’s designed to help owners establish themselves and begin serving their communities with integrity.

Are Cleaning Companies Profitable? Learn How with Assett Commercial Services

At Assett Commercial Services, we’re working every day to create a new approach to custodial care.

We make professionalism and quality our business, and insist on superior care for every client. It’s part of our foundation and guides our development as a brand. We believe that conscientious service, paired with a dedication to the people on our team, can help us build a modern cleaning franchise that’s geared for growth in today’s business landscape.

Assett Commercial Services is preparing to expand into new territories, and we’re looking for potential owners to join our commercial cleaning franchise.

Want to find out more? Contact us today!

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