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How Much Does a Cleaning Franchise Make? And Other Key Questions

Getting started in a franchise can be an exciting time for a future owner, but it’s also a time to ask the questions that really matter. Past the sales talk, how much does a cleaning franchise make, anyway?

Getting details on this issue and other concerns can help potential owners continue their franchising journey with confidence and drive.

According to ZipRecruiter, if you’re looking to become an owner of a cleaning franchise, you can expect to make an annual salary of around $83,580. This works out to be approximately $40.18 an hour, depending on your work experience and other qualifications. Keep in mind that this is just an average, so your earnings may be higher or lower depending on the specific franchise you choose to invest in.

We’ve put this article together to provide the answers to the questions many future franchise owners want to know. Using Assett Commercial Services as our example, we’ll dig into the issues that can impact franchise growth and direction.

It’s a primer for what’s to come in the business and can add crucial information and aid potential owners in establishing a solid foundation before making a decision.

  • How’s the industry?
  • Who is the market?
  • Will I get the support I need?
  • How much does a cleaning franchise make?

How’s the Industry?

Asking big questions like “How much does a cleaning franchise make?” makes sense when beginning the franchising experience. That’s not the first concern many future owners have, though.

Before leaping ahead, stop and take a look at the landscape.

That means getting to know the larger industry, understanding its history and health, and finding out the expectations for the years ahead. Industry performance can be a key indicator for potential owners, and should show solid growth with the potential for more to come.

When asking “How much does a cleaning franchise make?” and having other specific franchise concerns, the industry in focus is the janitorial services industry, which is set to have a market size of 97bn in 2022. It’s the industry Assett Commercial Services is proud to be a part of, and it’s a field that’s seen consistent expansion for years, with more development expected over the next five.

That could make a brand like Assett Commercial Services a smart option for possible owners, and give them the security they need to continue with their franchising plans.

What Market Do Cleaning Brands Serve?

Along with the overriding concern about how much a cleaning franchise make are other, equally essential issues that should be answered before a prospective owner can feel comfortable moving on to other questions. Chief among these is the question of the market they’ll be serving.

The market, and its potential for growth, is one of the primary business drivers, no matter the field.

It’s the same for cleaning brands like Assett Commercial Services, and it informs our franchise direction and goals. Market can be key, and our market happens to be any and all businesses across the country.

We provide cleaning services for commercial sites of all shapes and sizes, from small retail outlets to industrial centers, laboratories, factories, and warehouses. Our clients are the people who operate businesses in our communities, and we make their satisfaction our goal every day.

Assett Commercial Services has developed a client base from companies all around us. It’s helped us connect with an evergreen market, shaped our brand, and let future owners proceed to more advanced questions like “How much does a cleaning franchise cost?”

Will I Get Support?

For potential owners, perhaps nothing is as important as knowing that they’ve got a franchise team behind them ready to assist them when they need the extra hand. Getting confirmation that the brand that interests them has the support they want and need can be even more important than learning the answer to “How much does a cleaning franchise cost?”

When done well, support can be the foundation for franchise development and owner growth.

At Assett Commercial Services, support is part of the way we work every day. We have a team of dedicated franchise pros who have the background and knowledge needed to provide robust, meaningful support to our owners.

We’re with our owners throughout the franchising process, and aid them as they get to know the brand and begin their own ownership experience. Our build team helps get them established and outfitted for business. And we provide training for the owner and staff, so they’re ready to start serving their clients as soon as possible.

We don’t stop the support when the doors open, either. Assett Commercial Services makes solid support our priority, each and every day.

How Much Does a Cleaning Franchise Make?

Now that we’ve learned about the industry, market, and expectations for support for a cleaning franchise like Assett Commercial Services, we can turn to the original question.

How much does a cleaning business make in a year, and what goes into building a franchise model for modern times?

Each franchise will see different returns, of course, depending on location, specific clientele, and brand approach. In the case of Assett Commercial Services, much of it comes down to the business model we operate under.

We were founded as a means to bring a more professional attitude to the industry, and that’s reflected in our business model. Our franchise supports motivated entrepreneurs, and gives them the tools for brand development through ethical practices and a dedication to excellence.

Assett Commercial Services has created a business that keeps clients in mind, and that has helped our owners grow along with the franchise.

Get the Answer to How Much Does a Cleaning Franchise Make with Assett Commercial Services

Assett Commercial Services understands the needs of today’s clients, and we’ve developed a franchise to serve them and our owners.

We’re in an industry with a record of expansion and with more expected. Our market is recession-proof and growing with the country. And we support our owners with expertise and dedication to our team.

At Assett Commercial Services, we’re excited about what’s to come, and we’re looking for potential owners to come with us as we grow.

Want to get more information on how much you can expect to make with a cleaning franchise? Connect with us so we can provide you with the answers.

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